Retro Pocket Pro

Retro Pocket Pro

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An absolute must have for any retro gamer who ever finds themselves on the go, the RetroGAME Pocket Pro is the most powerful handheld gaming device available! Featuring a crisp HD screen and also features TV output so you can enjoy it on the big screen / projector!!! It comes loaded with the best 10 emulators from NeoGeo,Arcade,GameBoy Advance, Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, NES, GameBoy Color, GameGear, GameBoy and SEGA Master System !!

It comes loaded with over 1,150 games INCLUDED (no repeats) and you can add more easily via SD. Built in lithium ion battery for hours of gaming on the go!

Get one while you can!!!

Package includes :
1 x Game Console
1 x Line the AV cable
1 x USB charging cbale
1 x User manual